Lavinia is a dance artist, performer, educator, maker, collaborator, creator, rehearsal director.





NOESIS X, a solo for two:

A multisensory environment.

An investigative performance.

An immersive multichannel soundscape: compressing and morphing perceived space.

Sound made visible and tangible, experienced in your own body, in mine.

The deconstruction of the physical self: residuals of excess and exhaustion – marbleized, hastened.

Where is your head at? How fast can you catch your thoughts? How slow? How loud? And your body, will it follow? Will it chase them? Will it crash?

Contrived by will, wish and limitations, a body moves unrelenting.

Nothing is left, nothing is hidden, everything sheds.

Through headspaces, emotions and sensations she searches, discovers, abandons, pushes, dances, heals, attempts. The room is safe for failure.

It’s the space of thought we enter and where we sometimes linger, together.

Directed by Lavinia Vago
Created and Performed by: Lavinia Vago & Harald Stojan


Education is a big part of Lavinia’s artistic practice. Nationally and internationally, she teaches, guides, mentors and explores in: